August 10, 2008

Water World!!!

I have watched a redic amount of Olympics on TV thus far, and today was not an exception. I wish I could have seen a better variety of events, but so far not a bad total.
*Sculls (Rowing)
*Beach Volleyball
*Road Bike Racing

But tonight's Mens 4X100m freestyle relay was simply amazing. Plus, I have a total dude crush on the American mens team, I wish I could look like that when I yell haha. Jason Lezak raced an amazing anchor leg to come back from over a half second at the turn to take gold for the American's. It was sweet redemtion, as the French, the favorites, had a bit of trash talking before the event. If you talk trash, be sure you can back it up! To think, the Olympics have been this exciting so far, and the best is yet to come...track and field (in my opinion)