January 5, 2008

Saturday Car Wash

Washed the car today for the first time I think since my car has been down in the 'Rouge.' It took up a better part of my day but she cleaned up pretty nice. I was out doing some photos and decided to do a little profile shot of her down in the south. Up next to a Louisiana Levee seemed fitting I thought.

I also cleaned the apartment because I was bored and needed some dishes for dinner.

I was searching around on blogspot today and found a good environmental blog with one of those titles that would make a great book. Come to find out its part of a title of a family living book. Nonetheless check it out, its got interesting articles (mostly mainstream) but are all interesting. Interesting posts and nice links to other good blogs.

I feel the need to find something to commemorate such a momentous week that we just finished up. OIL topped $100 a barrel for the first time ever on the Merc. So I was looking around earlier in the week and stumbled upon this site that was selling a commemorative barrel necklace to document the occasion, perhaps some "black bling" is in your future? Better hurry up, only 100 were made. Its an interesting design, but more disturbing than this "black bling" is that 1 person performed a trade of above $100, creating ripples across the market. It only cost him $600 to become the first to trade over $100, scary...

January 4, 2008


I've been busy trying to get everything up to speed on this, so I'm basically behind. Nothing really exciting happened today, other than a cruddy cold that hit and its lame. Can't breathe and sneeze 1000 times. Anyways...more and better posts to come

January 3, 2008

KU in the Orange Bowl (and a New Years resolution)

What an excitin night it was tonight. My team (though not my alma mater) won a big game...finally! After what has been what seems like choke after choke after choke Kansas came through for tonight against VTech. It was a decent game and in the end KU won. That about raps up my thoughts on that. Now lets just get us a playoff system so I don't have to defend KU's weak early season schedule.
Geaux Tigers.....
Alas to the New Years resolution.................ask me about it!

January 2, 2008

Leavin on a Jet Plane

So today I departed Kansas to head back to Baton Rouge. Rachel and I had the first leg of our journey's back to our respective homes together on the same flight. It was on this flight that I decided I was going to be crazy and basically I want to keep a "odometer" of all the miles that I travel this year. Crazy, yes, but with the help of Google maps, my car and bikes odometer and whatever the airlines give me for my flight distances, I believe I will be able to track roughly how far I travel (minus trivial walking, say at a mall, though this is probably possible) in this upcoming year. I will do monthly totals at the end of each month, possibly with a breakdown of how far I traveled in each journey. So starting with yesterday (January 1) I will kick off this crazy! new experiment!
Otherwise the flights went good, got stuck up against the window on the last leg. Gotta love drunk southern "gents" as they try to spread as wide as possible. Thank YOU!! economy seating.

January 1, 2008

Maggie the Magnificant

So to start the new year off right and with a "bang" dad and I decided to go out and hit the fields for what would be my last hunt of the season. Rachel came along and had her own "gun" with her which was my new camera, a Nikon D40 DSLR. Maggie, one of our two hunting dogs was on point and Rachel ran and go this shot, which was a beauty. To bad it wasn't of a rooster, or we would be rolling in the $$$ from tons of outdoor magazines. Its sweet nonetheless...

Happy New Years

Happy New Years to everyone. This will be the start of my first ever blog, one that will be random but fun. My plans are to use this as an interesting journal on the little things that happen this year. I got the idea as I counted down the minutes and thought back on all of the things that occured during the past year. I realized that there is a lot that I did and alot that I forgot.
I plan to focus on the things that I enjoy the most...Running and well probably lots of other things. Feel free to leave lots of feedback as to improve my train of thought and flow. Wishing everyone the best possible New Years and remember to drink that water and eat a banana before going to bed...it helps to cure the hang over!