August 28, 2008

No More Daily...No more Dose...

With regret, sadness, and a little bitterness, I have decided to end my run at The Daily Dose. Lately, I just have not found the motivation to continue the updates at a pace that is required to maintain a good, well maintained blog. I made it 206 consecutive days with the blog, but unfortunately, it ended during one of my most anticipated events of 2008...The Olympics.

The Olympics were amazing, Michael Phelps and his eight Golds, Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, and of course...beach volleyball dominance. Personally its just watching good looking girls in bikini's play volleyball :-) But with it, I noticed that the desire to post no longer exhisted. It became more of a chore than a passion, and that is not why I started this was supposed to be fun. So with that, through some Blog soul searching, I decided I should step away from the blog.

There may be a few posts here and there, but from this point on, The Daily Dose and Zachawii are no longer here. I thank you all for the wonderful support and hope that you will be able to find another feed that will tweak your interest for those few small moments in which you spent with The Daily Dose. I thank you, and so long!

August 10, 2008

Water World!!!

I have watched a redic amount of Olympics on TV thus far, and today was not an exception. I wish I could have seen a better variety of events, but so far not a bad total.
*Sculls (Rowing)
*Beach Volleyball
*Road Bike Racing

But tonight's Mens 4X100m freestyle relay was simply amazing. Plus, I have a total dude crush on the American mens team, I wish I could look like that when I yell haha. Jason Lezak raced an amazing anchor leg to come back from over a half second at the turn to take gold for the American's. It was sweet redemtion, as the French, the favorites, had a bit of trash talking before the event. If you talk trash, be sure you can back it up! To think, the Olympics have been this exciting so far, and the best is yet to come...track and field (in my opinion)

August 9, 2008

A Brewing good time...

I need to see some ID's...
Hoganistan and I decided to head over the Abita Brewing Company today to take a tour of the Brewery. K&A Wags headed along with us as well, and, upon arrival, was Hoganistans "Happiest day of my life." The tour really is not a tour, mostly a "here is where the beer is fermented" and "this is where the beer starts its life" tour of two stops and 10 minutes in length.

It is a good time, as they make it fun and, as you walk in the door, are ushered over by the receptionist who checks ID's. With that, you get your "sample cup" and have free access to all of the beers on tap. Best part...its free. No limit on the drinks, and 14 taps of various brews. There is even a tap for their rootbeer, which is AMAZING! So, if you need something to do on a Saturday and want to have a few cold ones, head over to Abita Springs, and its local, so you feel all warm and fuzzy for supporting the local economy...or maybe its just the beer...I'm not sure!

August 8, 2008

And so it begins...

Simply put...the 29th Olympiad has begun, and China started it off with an amazing bang! Lets have some amazing games and I am pumped! I am biased, but USA, USA, USA! Hopefully my foreign readers are not offended:-)

August 7, 2008

No...not that Phelps...

Kansan's most beloved son...ok, not really, has made his entrance on to the media stage once again. The controversial preacher Fred Phelps and his breakaway church, Westboro Baptist Church, is planning on picketing the funeral of a Winnipeg man brutally killed on a Greyhound bus earlier in the week. Why, might you ask, would this church protest the funeral of a man sliced and diced by a psycopath? Its Gods punishment on Canada for allowing homosexuality, abortions, and divorce. Seriouslly?

This is nothing new for this dispicable sect, as I documented earlier in the year of the protest in Greensburg, KS during that towns 1 year anniversery of a powerfully destructive storm. The Westboro Baptist Church "is best known for picketing the funerals of fallen soldiers in line with a belief that God has been using the war in Iraq to kill American military personnel to show contempt for a nation and military that has allegedly become overly accommodating to and sympathetic of gay/lesbian concerns." As I said back in May, "this, by all accounts of the definition is a radically religious group no different of the Taliban. Extreme assertion, yes, but the stuff that this group chants at a fallen soldiers funeral is a shame and they themselves should be made to serve on the front lines."

Hopefully the group will not get to protest, let the man rest in peace. I agree that we have the right, as Americans, for freedom of speech, but there is also a moral obligation as humans to let ones family have a proper time to grieve, no matter the circumstances...On a brighter note...The OLYMPICS start tomorrow!!!

August 6, 2008

Hump Day Challenge...The End

The season finale of another Club South Runners Hump Day 2-Mile Challenge was a success. I purchased my new kicks before my 5-mile warm up and absolutely loved them.

I will try on 20 pairs of shoes before the perfect fit is achieved. Its almost like the line in Transformers (the movie) where Bernie Mac says" A driver doesn't choose the car, the car chooses the driver." For me...the shoe chooses the runner, not the runner choosing the shoe. So what shoe was it?

The Nike Skylon 11, seen below. Its one of Nike's newer shoes and I was surprised by how well it fit. Normally, Nike and I do not get along, but, as I said earlier, the shoe chooses the runner!

After getting the shoes, we did a good 5-mile run with the Varsity Sports group and then jetted over to the final Hump Day Challenge. The race was stacked, tons of ex-collegiate runners, high school runners, and just plain fast guys. I went out fast, but conservative and pushed the second mile hard. I set a new PR for this racing series, which is nice. Placed second in the 'old mans' division. The Varsity Sports group represented well in most categories with two overall division winners and three 2nd place age group finishers.

In another note, in Hoganistan and I's absence, the Humpday All Stars pulled out another win...we officially have a winning streak now.

August 5, 2008

"The Rouge" View

Back in early March (here) I mentioned that it would not be long before "The Rouge" would be showing up in GoogleMaps nifty little service called Google Street View. Well today, it has arrived, we, "The Rouge" are now mapped and photographed. Hopefully everyone was smiling when the camera rolled by! The streetview below is of Tiger Stadium...also known as "Death Valley" one of the hardest places to come into and play!

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