May 10, 2008

Refuel my A$$

Refueling America?!?
I stated a while back that I was going to cut out any talk of high oil prices but in the past couple of weeks some totally dumb proposals to curb high oil and gas prices have caused me to be flabbergasted. The first is the proposed "Gas Tax Holiday" that Clinton and McCain are proposing.

This tax holiday is a bad idea and just political rhetoric to get them elected. I know that they could hypothetically persuade the congress to pass a bill to suspend the gas tax, but by the time they are President, the 'holiday' would have passed. Whats more is that it would save the average consumer the likes of $25-$30 (US) amounting to about 3/4 or the standard gas tank. There is also no guarantee that the producers of gasoline would not rise their prices to recoup some of the billions in taxes that would else wise go to the government. This would result in the increased consumption which would pinch supplies and result in higher oil and gas prices. Great plan! Lets work on efficiency first, then better alternative means of transportation and maybe we can make a dent in the petrol grip that has this nation by the throat.

The second idiotic thing I have read/seen just recently happened. Chrysler is offering their Refuel America plan which includes a set price of $2.99/gallon (US) for three years. It is essentially subsidizing the cost of fuel for Chrysler's fleet which just LOVES to suck gas. This is on par with those countries that subsidize the cost of gas for its citizens...maybe we can add Chrysler to the Axis of that axis loves to subsidize fuel.

Giving Americans is not the way to ween us off of the oil addiction. It only prolongs it till we hang ourself with the oil noose. We have to first feel the pain and then realize how wrong we really were with depending on oil for so long. You can not run a marathon without going through some pain, neither will weening us off of oil is going to hurt for awhile as well. So please, do not buy a Chrysler car, its a dumb idea that sounds good, but really will prolong the pain. Hope you had a good weekend!

May 9, 2008

Cyclone Nargis

On May 3, Cyclone Nargis swept across southern Myanmar, leaving more than 28,000 dead and 33,000 still missing as it washed away people along with their homes. The death toll is likely to continue to increase because the Junta are slowing supplies flooding into the region. This is eerily reminiscent of the Tsunami of 2005 that swept through southeast Asia. The Junta will likely have more blood on their hands than they will know what to do with after this ordeal is over with. Its sad that the poorest humans become pawns in a terrible governmental system when the goodness of the world tries to pour in. I hope that things will change, but I have not much hope. I hope you all have a great weekend!

May 8, 2008

Predict a Mile...or four

Got back into "The Rouge" today after the trip to DC. I got a couple of runs in while I was up there and it was awesome. It was nice and cool in the morning with no humidity and a crispness to the air that I had not felt in awhile. Today, the running club was doing a "predict your time" run where the person who predicts their actual time the best gets a prize...running shorts I believe.

The course was 4 miles and it was hot and humid so I decided that just slightly faster than 7 minutes per mile would be sufficient to let me run well. As usual I ran to fast and was totally off of my pace and finished in 26:29, where I had predicted 27:57. Yes, totally off, and I even ran I missed the turn around mark...whoops. I was not the worst predictors of pace, but pretty close. It did feel good to be out and about after the plane ride, but geeze it was hot and humid. Summer and sweat are here...and I'm ready to leave "The Rouge" more than ever!

May 7, 2008

DC Kickball

Today after work I got to experience Kickball on The Mall. DC Kickball is in full swing and Hoganistan is playing on a team. He invited me down to watch first hand the craziness that goes on and to also prep me for my tryouts for a team this fall, haha. Unfortunately his team lost, but as with every league, there was another ritual to be had....the annual trek to a bar for some drinks.

PennQuarter Sports Tavern is a sponsor and the designated hang out spot after the competition ceases. $8 pitchers and 1/2 priced appetizers sure were tasty. I'm ready to be up there so I can bring a little All Star presence to the team, or at least I hope :-) If your around the Mall on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, beware the flying rubber balls!

May 6, 2008

Pictionary Blues

Today after work, which was another round of meetings and workshops, the boss decided to have a little work get together. We had a PS3, Wii, and Pictionary. After some hard core Grand Theft Auto 4, and Mario Cart for Wii, the drawing, or lack there of, began. The teams were divided into teams of four. Kwags, Steinrich, and Skorcho were on my team, and Mewalt (of Kmewalt) Hoganistan, J&S Dan, and I'm-always-Wright were on the other team.

Lets just say that the other team, with their wonderful guessing and sometimes crude responses whooped up on us. I myself got hit with some hard ones to draw, such as Memory and Plain as the nose on your face. Seriously, how do you draw that? Anyways, it was a great time...wish I would have brought my A game to the Pictionary world though...another day another drawing...

May 5, 2008

Washington DCinco De Mayo: Day 1

Arrived in Washington D.C. last night for a work conference. Its going to be a hectic week and who knows what will happen or be seen. Today, mostly meetings and finally got to meet some colleagues I have been working with for over a year, but have never met. The wonders of the modern working world. After work I headed out with Hoganistan to check out potential places to live. It is a good possibility that I will be moving to Washington D.C for work in the next few months, so that is exciting.

We found a couple of places then headed to a bar to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. So...Happy Cinco De Mayo!


May 4, 2008

Racing, lots of Racing

2008 OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon
The OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon is one of the nations largest 1/2 marathon races, which sells out each of its 35,000 alloted slots. The race is run in scenic Indianapolis at the sight of one of the greatest racing venues of all time, the Indianapolis Speedway. This years race did not disappoint as it literally came down to a sprint to the finish. Kenyans Lamech Mokono and Valentine Orare both won the race, as the race officials awarded the first ever tie in the events history.

After reviewing the replay and still photos it was decided that each would be awarded the prize. I myself find that the sprint was a little weak, but judge for yourself who won the race. The video is located here, its HILARIOUS (ok, its only funny if your a runner or know a runner :-) )

Kentucky Derby Tragedy and Triumph
This weekend was the storied and historical horse racing event, the Kentucky Derby. This years race had history written all over it. A young gun with only three career starts trying to become the first in 93 years to do so, and a filly, trying to show the boys that women know how to run as well. The race lived up to its billing, with excitement in more than ways than one could imagine.

Big Brown (see top picture), the winner of this years derby, raced smart, hanging towards the front middle of the pack and then when he had to, turned on the gas and roared around the leaders for a 5 length victory. Eight Belles ran a great race as well and finished second behind Big Brown. As she was cooling down something terrible happened, one which is really hard to explain. Both of her front ankles broke, sending her to the track. With no legs to stand on, the on track veterinary euthanized her on the spot, to end any pain and suffering she might have endeared.

This will undoubtedly open up a huge controversy on whether or not horse racing is humane or not. PETA will most likely have some sort of outcry over this and images of Barbaro from a few years back will get plastered before our eyes once again. My only statement is this. These horses are bred to do this, this is what they live for. If you say that they are inhumanely treated, then I ask you to reevaluate your base line on this. These horses get treated better than nearly all animals and many humans at that. This is a sport, there will be injuries and casualties. I think we have bigger fish to worry about than a few deaths of horses. Anyways, I am out in DC for the week, probably no posts what so ever. I'll post the highlights from the trip, but really no news links or anything exciting. Cheers