June 14, 2008

Oilin the Leeve with fruit

A good way to start your morning is a good brisk run. Some will say that sweating out your impurities is the best way to go. I got both this morning when the Varsity Sports gang headed downtown here in "The Rouge" and boy was it hot. We did a 5 mile run down the new bike path that runs from downtown to LSU. Goal was to run faster on the way back than on the way out. Made it...barely...

If you're ever in "The Rouge" I highly recommend hitting up the farmers market that happens every Saturday morning during the growing season. Its got fresh fruits, vegetables and countless plants. Good stuff!

Finally, I performed the first oil change on Calie. MINI is supposed to cover all fluid changes for 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. But here is the gotcha, that equates to really only about three free changes if you are lucky. The first, yes FIRST, oil change is supposed to be at 15,000 miles or 1 year, which ever comes first. I decided that I did not like that policy and decided I would just change it my self till I reach my first 'official' change. It was easy, fun and started raining JUST as completed the job. Good day all in all!

Oil Change

June 13, 2008

DC here I come!

I am happy and sad to announce that I will be leaving "The Rouge" come the 27th of this month (June). I will be moving up the corporate office to continue my work duties up there. I will ultimately be traveling several time, so my exit is not yet permanent. But I have enjoyed my time but am looking forward to the new and exciting frontiers that await. I will try to keep the updates coming and I hope you will keep checking in as I embark on this new journey!

June 12, 2008

Wicked Witch is baaacckkk.

Tornado Tornado Why do you come?
Several tornado's ravaged the heartland in the past couple of days. Our thoughts go out to those parents of the boy scouts that were killed when a tornado hit their camp...tragedy in every since of the definition.

In Manhattan, KS, Kansas State University was hit by a tornado causing extensive damage to the university and surrounding community.

It took awhile for the season to get started, but this tornado season will go down as one of the most powerful, destructive, and numerous seasons in history. Lets hope the hurricane season does not mirror the tornado season. Again my thoughts go out to all those that have been affected. I know what you are going through, just stay strong and count on those around you!

June 11, 2008

Getting Linked to...exciting!

I was recently linked to by a Natural Disaster Blog...I was very excited :-) You can see it here! Otherwise...oil is falling, but will most likely rise with the latest EIA report. Oil inventories are down, Gas inventories are up. Oil prices are near record prices and Gasoline is at record prices and continuing to rise. I love depending on fossil fuel crack...love it!

June 10, 2008

Traffic Class

I am in class for tonight and Thursday...not fun but something I have to do...blah.

June 9, 2008

Calie's Sunglasses are having problems...

I got Calie (the MINI) tinted about a month or so ago and was loving the tint. At around the two week mark I noticed that the sunroof started to peel a bit around the black dot-matrix (most every car has this stuff) and is not uncommon with tints. I also noticed that along the top of the passenger and driver side windows were developing small bubbles.

I took the car back to the tinters and asked about what could be done about the sunroof and the small bubbles in the windows. They said "sure, no problem, a little heat gun action and you'll be good to go." I was excited, scheduled the day and time, and drove off. Delivered the car today and when I returned, I was utterly disappointed.

They ended up retinting my passenger window and did not tell me. I about rolled the window down (a no-no with a new tint) but noticed it just in time. Checked the sunroof and it was WORSE than what it was before (see top picture). To top it off, they BURNDED my sunscreen! I returned the car and asked to speak with the manager. Got it straightened out and HOPEFULLY the third time will be the charm...

June 8, 2008

Heat + Run = No Fun

Today it was hot hot and hotter. I have been very inconsistent running wise and it will only get worse as the heat and humidity keep ticking up. I'll have to start sucking it up if I want to try and break my PR in the half marathon and also defend my only half marathon win here in "The Rouge."
Trying to get some motivation going, I decided that running in the heat would be fun (yes I'm sick :-P) and so I headed to the lakes near LSU. It was not a good run by any definition, hot, humid and I seemed to want to walk about every mile or so when I was in the shade of a big oak tree. There was only one other person out running at the time...maybe I should smarten up and run in the morning or evenings. DUH...haha.