March 2, 2008

"The Rouge" Weekend Update

I decided to forgo yesterdays blog and just join into one weekend round up blog for today. The focus is on some developments that are happening in and around "The Rouge." The leading picture is of Snugs (Short for Snuggles) who, a few weeks back, was my tool runner and companion when I was working on my car. She would sit on my stomach and ride the cart under the car with me and make sure I put the oil plug back in. She is mewalts new addition to the family but Snugs' sister, the sun worshiper, Chiquita is not pictured.

Redlight Camera Program
The Baton Rouge Red light Camera program started recently and is netting offenders left and right. I noticed yesterday (Saturday) that there was another camera being put up on the main road I use to commute into work (Airline Hwy) , so no more risky runs through that intersection for me. These cameras capture an image of vehicles that enter the intersection with a steady red signal. If the offender is caught, the person receives a ticket in the mail for $117 (US). One camera is operational with an additional four to follow. It will be interesting to see how much money is generated from these tickets and whether or not the Parish will use that money to time our lighting better. Congestion is a big problem during commutes and the lights are timed so poor, that it only helps to exacerbate the problem.

Google StreetView Car Runs Rampant
There has been some recent spotting of the cars that run around cities snapping GPS points and pictures for Googles StreetView program in Google Maps. Apparently mewalt has seen the car that is patrolling "The Rouge" several times, but I just recently spotted it. Its the not the best looking vehicle, but the odd alien antenna on top of the car makes it much more impressive. If you have not played with StreetView yet, I recommend it. Its some pretty impressive technology and I see lots of potential applications of it. So if you see these strange looking cars driving around, don't worry, we're not being invaded...yet! (Picture from Anthonut)

Apple in "The Rouge"
For all the Apple fanboys here in "The Rouge" their prayers have been answered. Apple announced the the Apple Store will open on March 6th in a soft opening for the Mall of Louisiana's new addition, The Boulevard. It will be nice to have a good Apple store around, may they will run some sweet promotions to get us in the door, then again, maybe not. But nonetheless, it means easier access to all things Apple, or for me, all things Ipod.
Finally, I participated in the Tortoise and Hair 5K on Saturday here in "The Rouge." It was a perfect running morning and a good turn out for the cause. The run is used as an awareness and fundraiser for the autoimmune disease Alopecia areata (al-oh-PEE-sha air-ee-AH-tah) that results in partial to complete hair loss. There is a local girl here in "The Rouge" that has the disease and is an avid high school runner and it is her family and friends that help to put on the race.
The race went well, but I have not been training consistently at all since my last half marathon of 2007 in December. Its just been really hard trying to be consistent in a manner that will allow me to run fast! Andrew Huston is running well, very very well down here. He blasted a course record in 15:38 and improved his road 5K PR by several seconds. I on the other hand came in a meager 18:19, but was fast enough to win my age group. It makes me realize that I need to get in better 5K shape, as its roughly as fast as I have ever ran for 5K on the road. On the flip side, my fasted 5K is ~15:50, so I need to get in gear. Hope you all had a great weekend and I'll catch you on the flip

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